Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Stanley Hotel

While Joe and I were up in Denver for the convention, we stayed one night at the infamous Stanley Hotel!! I've been wanting to visit this hotel since I knew Stephen King stayed there and the film, The Shining, was based off that hotel... such history!! Let me tell you, this place is sooooo magical! It has such beauty and charm to it, can't even begin to explain!

We did take the ghost tour which included the basement where the Ghost Hunters interacted with a spirit.. Jason from Ghost Hunters stayed in room, 401, and had the closet door open and close on its own.. which they caught on tape! We stayed in room 401, the most haunted room in the hotel... Unfortunately we didn't have anything happen to us... maybe next time... ;)

All in all, The Stanley, is one place you HAVE TO VISIT! Here are some pictures to highlight our time at the infamous hotel!! Enjoy!!

The Stanley

Joe in our hotel room #401

The door that opens and closes on its own

Joe and I in the old elevator

Our room.. 401 is supposedly the most haunted

Ghost hunting at night

Front view

The back... our room's right below the bell tower

Ghost hunting

Tunnel in the basement

On the ghost tour


Beautiful stair case

Such a great view, Estes Park

The bar where they filmed a scene in Dumb and Dumber


Redrum beer

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