Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Opposite Blood update!

We're well into filming for the upcoming action flick, Opposite Blood! This weekend I filmed more scenes with my character, Lin Chow, at an actual gun range! Not only did I get to shoot some awesome scenes, when we were done, I got to shoot an actual Glock for the very first time in my life! Let me tell you, it was insane! I wasn't nervous at all when we filmed, but when I shot that gun, it was a whole other story. Although I missed the target horribly, It was a great experience to say the least, haha. I'm going to leave you all with some pictures from the shoot and 2 trailers.... enjoy!!!

Thats the Glock I shot!

My good friend Marshall from brought me this to shoot at!

Setting up

Striking the pose

Can we say.... Femme Fatale?

Ready, set, FILM!