Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've been if Philly, PA for 5 days filming 'The Half-Life Horror From Hell'! Its been a blast! Not only did I get to film, I got to go to a city that just kicks a ton of ass! We wrapped up filming today and I feel really good about it! I play a conceded, manipulating woman who is trying to get her step-brother to f*ck her. Kind of along the lines of 'Cruel Intentions'.... I really like it cause I'm not used to playing that kind of character, so it was really fun for me and I got to play around with it! The film is by Mark Mackner of Sickening Thud Films, here in Philly.

Here is one of the tag lines for the film:

The newest offering from Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner! Welcome to Personburg, PA! Where crime, corruption, incest, Voodoo, Satan, and Heavy Metal reign supreme!

They hope to have the film done by Summer of 2010 and look for it on IMDB soon!! I will be leaving you with some pics from the set, courtesy of Andre Bennett! Keep your eyes peeled for more, soon to come!!

For more info on the film, add it on Facebook!! Copy and Paste link:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crypticon Horror Convention Minneapolis 2009

What a blast! Crypticon Mpls was a huge success! Its always nice to be in a con when its in your home state. It makes it that much better because you know everyone there and its just super close! This was Joe's and I 3rd con in about a month, can't get any better than that! So, with that all said, enjoy the pics!!!

We screened this Zombie Ammo Commercial that I star in! Great success!

Of course my NFTS Productions boyz were there!

Joe and I doing our thing!

Zombie Ammo family

Doing what I do best.. gettin' my drinkage on!!

Freddy loves me!

Steve Dash.... the very first Jason... besides Ari Lehman, of course!

Dayna and I (Strip Club Slasher) with the doctor!

Ernie Hudson is the man!!

Beware ghosts!!!

Oh yeah!! Until next year Minnesota!!! :-D