Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lizzie Borden Dead and Breakfast

My dream came true.... on October 18th, 2010 I visited a place I've always been fascinated with.. THE LIZZIE BORDEN HOUSE! Oh yes, peeps!!! Yours truly not only visited the place, but stayed the night there... in the Morse room where Abby Borden (the step mom) was hacked to death in!! I can't even begin to tell you how cool it was to be in that house with so much history attached to it. I've been fascinated with that place since I can remember, probably as early as elementary school. Yup, I've been a sick and twisted girl all this time! I mean think about it... the whole case is a mystery! Lizzy was never convicted of any murder, but everyone knew she did it. She was caught in a ton of lies while on stand, her stories didn't match up, she ruined evidence pertaining to the case which people knew about... it goes on and on. Soon after the trial, the towns people banished her. For those of you who don't know much about the Borden case, you can read all about it here: Lizzie Borden Wiki

The reason why I've always been fascinated by the case was because it was so gruesome, especially for that time, the late 1800's.... PLUS the criminal was a female and that was unheard of back in those days. Abby Borden was changing the sheets in the guest room, Morse room, when someone came up behind her and bashed her in the head with a hatchet. She was found face down between the bed and dresser, blood and brains everywhere. The father, Andrew Borden, was laying on the couch in the living room when he was bludgeoned in the head with a hatchet, god knows how many times. When you look at crime scene photos, they are unbelievably disturbing! His skull is barley recognizable, same with Abby. This is what you call a hateful crime. The person who killed them hated them immensely. Some say Lizzie hated her step mom because she was inheriting money from Andrew and Lizzie felt it wasn't fair, so to solve that problem, kill her. Also, some say Lizzie didn't intend on killing her father..... that he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. We'll never know the whole story. Its one of Americas top unsolved murder mysteries out there. How can all this not be interesting!!??

Getting back to the bed and breakfast part of this, I loved it! Great service, great everything! These people sure know how to make guests feel comfortable and entertained, and the breakfast is KILLER! The whole house is pretty much a replicated from the time Lizzie lived there, from the furniture, paintings, carpets, rugs, etc.. The owner did so much to it to make the house authentic. Joe and I got there a little late and made it in time for the night tour. It started around 8 and ended around 10. We had so much fun! Also, it was nice cause only one other couple, besides Joe and I, were staying there. The house was pretty much empty, so yeah, it was creepy! The tour was so informative. I learned things that made me really think and stuff I never knew.... so cool! Ghost wise, Joe and I didn't have any experiences, but I guess there is a lot of activity on the 3rd floor, basement, and Andrew's room.... just like Andrew, gotta be there, right place at the right time. Honestly, not sure how I'd react if something happened to me, hehe! All in all a GREAT experience and I can't wait to come back here next year!!

Entrance to the Borden's Cemetery in Fall River, MA.

Andrew Bordens monument.

Lizzie's head stone.

Lizzie and Emma's head stones.

Borden House Fall River, MA.

This place is amazing!

This is where Abby was murdered... and the room we stayed in.

Our tour guide... he's awesome!

This was Bridgets room, the maid. 3rd floor.

This is the room Abby was murdered in... our room for the night!

This is a replica of the oven used by the Bordens. Its said that Lizzie burned
her blood splattered dress in here, destroying evidence.

Joe didn't mind the room that we stayed in at all. I made
him sleep on the side where Abbys body was found, hehe!

The basement where 'period' dressed apparitions are sometimes seen.

Crime scene photo's all over the house.

And other creepy photo's! Andrew Borden.

This is where Andrew was murdered.... replica couch.
Oh, and notice the grin on my face, haha!

Can't wait to go back next year! This place is
a must for all you history fans!

Me creeping around the house looking for someone
to hack!

This was called Borden St. even before Andrew and them
moved there.. so many other Borden's on that street,
they just named it that.

This is Maplecroft.. the house Lizzie bought not much later after
the trial. This house is 2x her previous one. All the money she
inherited, she mostly put into this one.


  1. Okay I LOVE it!!! I am so majorly envious of you getting to spend the night there, will definitely have to put it on my list of places I must lay my head, mwahahaha. ;) Love the pic of you with the hatchet as well!!! x

  2. Interesting. Lizzie Borden is my 26th cousin 7 times removed on my father's side of my family and the tour of her house is on my bucket list. My family members say that I resemble her, with her dark hair, light hazel grey eyes, her face shape, her mouth shape, her body shape, and her size (about 5 feet 5 inches or less). It's crazy knowing that she's part of my family, but I personally believe that she was innocent, not just for her family relation to me, but for other things like the timeline and the house's water system. If she did kill her parents, she would've been covered in blood whether she was bare or not. I tested this in a white hazard suit and goggles with replica skulls, fake blood, and pig skin. It's impossible to hack someone without getting covered in blood. If she was, Lizzie would have to get Bridget Sullivan, the lady's maid, for assistance to get the water from the well nearby to bathe Lizzie, since the house has no running water. Bridget would've known then that Lizzie killed her parents, but when the police arrived to scene 15 minutes after Lizzie saw the bodies, she wouldn't have the time to change her clothing or gotten a bath because that process would take over 3 hours. Plus, Bridget has to heat the water on the stove before taking it to the tub.