Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Announced... Scream Queen Campfire!!

Hey everyone! Just announced, I will be joining the cast of Jonathan Moody's, 'Scream Queen Campfire'! Here is a little synopsis:

Here's a group for The Upcoming new series, "Scream Queen Campfire"... 5 beautiful scream queens will tell 2 stories each giving us 10 terrifying and entertaining stories in the series during a campfire.

Joe Knetter and Scarlet Salem will be in Scream Queen Campfire in "Visions" written by Knetter himself. Directed by Brandon Slagle in his first non acting vehicle.

"A woman (Scarlet Salem) has just moved into a new apartment after a painful experience. Alone and unhappy, she tries to move on with h
er life..... She begins to hear and see things and wonders how alone she really is."

Keep your eye's peeled for more updates soon! Until then, check out these links below!! :D

Scream Queen Campfire on Facebook

Scream Queen Campfire on IMDB


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